Began in 1994, supplying UK dairy and sheep farms with nutritional supplements. Then approached to register Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, mainly reproductive hormones in several international markets. Soon we realised the Middle East markets were very lucrative and local farmers eager to learn new breeding techniques to intensify their production and maximise returns. Hence, we recognised the gap in the market concentrated most of our efforts in this region.


In the Dairy industry, launching our reproductive products coincided with emergence of better understanding of follicular dynamic, Ovsynch and its derivatives as part of breeding management in order to replace heat detection with synchronising the whole herd for fixed time Artificial insemination. It made sense, as heat detection became more and more difficult especially in the heat of the summer days in the hotter countries. We highlighted how using Ovsynch programmes on the whole herd basis made breeding easier and improved milk yield by reducing calving interval. This phenomenon, encouraged large dairy farms to adopt Ovsynch as their only preferred breeding technique in shorter span of time than we anticipated. Nearly 20 years on, we still enjoy the benefit of the markets we created with our vision and first-class products we supplied the market.

In the Sheep industry, we registered progesterone vaginal device and PMSG. Then started to educate the local farmers by showing them the flexibility and financial benefits of out of season breeding to sell their lambs at a suitable time of the year to maximise sale values. At the same time, we educated farms for better nutritional management and introduced option of 3 times lambing in 2 years and switching to intensive production. We introduced ground breaking laparoscopic AI and embryo transfer in sheep farms to optimise flock genetic improvements in the region. We are currently managing half a million synchrony per year in the Middle East, half of them three times lambing in two years to maximise number of lambs born and make better use of ewe’s productive life. We believe three times lambing is the future of the sheep industry.


  • Full range of reproductive hormones with comprehensive breeding programmes in dairy and sheep industries.
  • Technical expertise and training.


For countries in Central Asia, we offer services in their own language farsi which makes it much easier for everyone to take advantages of new technologies without the language barrier.

برای کشورهای آسیا میانه که فارسی زبان آنهاست تمام اطلاعات به فارسی ارسال خواهد شد که از تکنولوژی نوین استفاده کنند. اسرار چگونگی تولید بیشتر برای در آمد بیشتر.


As our services are international you can contact us from anywhere you are located to use our Products and Services. If we are unable to provide you with our services in your region, we can put you in contact with the right people who can. In most cases, we can make a profitable and efficient change.

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