500μg pFSH and 100μg of pLH

Stimufol is a freeze-dried preparation of Porcine pituitary proteins which contains 500mg pFSH (Follicle stimulating hormone) and 100 mg of pLH (Luteinizing hormone). Both FSH and LH are required to induce a successful embryo production in a donor cow. The ratio of FSH and LH is curtail to produce highest number of transferable embryos. This ratio often differs between products and hence their effectiveness. For dairy cows ratio of 20% LH and 80% FSH seems to be best combination for optimum number of transferable embryos which makes Stimufol the right product for the job. The below table demonstrates how different ratios of LH to FSH can affect the efficacy and the final outcome.


Ratio FSH mg LH mg No of donors Total No of embryos Transferable embryos
10% 500 50 127 6.8±5.2 4.6±4.00
20% 500 100 150 8.9±5.00 5.5±3.00
40% 500 200 17 7±6.1 4.4±5.00


Stimufol can be used to super ovulate dairy cows, camels, sheep, goats and a wide range of smaller animals. Stimufol is manufactured in Belgium by Reprobiol under GMP condition.


Cellfusion is only permitted to sell Stimufol in the Middle East.

For purchase of stimufol and technical information related to its use please contact us and if we cannot sell in your region, we will put you in contact with someone who can.