Sheep Hormones

Sheep Hormones

We Supply a full range of sheep hormones including Progesterone device (CIDR, DICO) and PMSG to make your breeding management a success.

In order to be successful in controlled breeding, one must have a clear objective, enough knowledge to make an appropriate decision and practical direction where to go for what time span.

Cellfusion will work with you to find an option which fits your farm best with minimum cost to maximise your income through improving reproductive management. We supply sheep hormones and other products required for the job with highest efficacy to achieve the expected performance.

Sheep Hormones – Use of Melatonin in Reproductive Management

In order to control reproductive management, one must override the natural cycle. Sheep are seasonal breeders. In the past to advance the breeding season of sheep it was manipulated by control of day length. With advance of time sheep hormones such as melatonin were used with some success in research institutes, with some degree of success bringing sheep into heat but not very precise to generate a tight synchrony and not easily administered. The use of melatonin did not find its way through commercial farms, although the urge for Synchrony was not a priority at that time. Nowadays, Melatonin is available in a form of ear plant in some European markets for advance breeding of ewes which are approaching breeding season. Melatonin is not suitable for synchrony in anoestrus ewes for out of season breeding. It is mainly used 4-6 weeks prior to natural mating within the breeding season.

Sheep Hormones – Use of Progesterone sponges in Reproductive Management

In the 1960’s progesterone sponges (Polyurethane) impregnated with different actives like Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (MAP), or Fluorogestone Acetate (FGA) of different concentrations entered the market which made synchrony using sheep hormones much easier and accessible by commercial sheep farms. Sponges are porous synthetic material capable of collecting vaginal secretion while inserted in the vagina for the duration of 12-14 days treatment. At the time of removal in some cases, some excessive vaginal discharge and slight unpleasant odour can be noticed. Although this discharge which is a result of hypersensitisation of vaginal wall or collection of uterine fluid accumulated behind the sponge do not effect conception rate or breeding performance is most cases, but creates a picture which some sheep owners and vets are unhappy about hence, using the sponges reluctantly unless it is the only choice available.

Sponge prices normally are half of that of DICO or CIDR-G and some may use sponge sheep hormones for price advantage. The end users should bare in mind the technologies to make DICO and CIDR-G are much more sophisticated than sponges and hence the price difference. However, if any end user is still happy to use sponges, we can supply.



In the late 1980’s InterAg a company in New Zealand registered a new product in the shape of T called CIDR G. CIDR G is made up of medical grade silicone rubber impregnated with natural progesterone. It caused no vaginal discharge and had no withdrawal period  for lactating dairy sheep. Very quickly CIDR G replaced sponges in the countries that both products were registered and few end users trying CIDR G returned to using sponges. We have been selling CIDR G for over 25 years in some markets, never received a complaint for bad performance.



In 2015 another similar product to CIDR G, called DICO, manufactured by Syntex in Argentina entered the market.  In principle, CIDR G and DICO in the shape of a V are very similar in performance.  DICO is also made of medical grade silicone rubber impregnated with natural progesterone.  We have just started selling DICO, in some of our markets in the Middle East and are expecting an outstanding performance. With DICO, you can have different treatment period please ask for instruction. We can supply DICO in some markets.

This picture was taken by vaginoscopy immediately after DICO removal at the end of treatment. No discharge or foul smell was observed, the vaginal area from the opening to the cervix area is clear indicating no vaginal hypersensitisation or discharge occurred.

Photo after DICO removal

Novormon (PMSG)


NOVORMON (PMSG):  Pregnant mare serum gonadotropin, recently known as ECG (Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin, is vital part of synchrony programme after removal of progesterone device. Whether it is for use within the season, advance breeding or out of season breeding, without the use of PMSG synchrony programme results would be very disappointing. Effectiveness of PMSG depends on its percentage of Biological activity which could vary between 60-90% in different products or brands available in the market.

Dose rate requirements of PMSG for out of season is normally twice that of within breeding season. More prolific ewes respond better to PMSG.  PMSG can be used to control twining rate as well as enhance conception rate in Embryo transfer.

We can supply NOVORMON in some markets